Barkista Dinners

Dog appropriate ingredients carefully prepared in a ‘wet food’ form.  Meals consist of at least 3 animal source proteins, 2 fruits and/or vegetables and either rice or rolled oats.

Complete nutrition is achieved through rotating mixes and ingredients.

See complete lab reports of the Barkista tester dogs Here.

Available by the pound or 6 oz portion.

Grain free and custom mixes available on request.


Regularly available in Turkey and Beef, with Chicken and Pork on occasion.

Originally designed for senior dogs who have trouble, or have lost interest in, eating, Muttloafs have proven very valuable as a protein supplement as well as a teaster to get sick dogs to eat.

At this time, Guaranteed Analyses are pending on both the Turkey and Beef Muttloafs.

Beef Muttloafs are being further tested for mineral content (excluding Iodine).

Turkey Muttloafs are being analyzed for Amino Acid, EFA and full mineral profiles as well as Vitamin A* and protein digestibility.

*Veterinary nutritionists do not have a database for vitamin content of whole foods.  Rather than pay a nutritionist double to estimate content using USDA databases [rather than the processed food databases used by veterinary nutritionists], estimates will be made by The Barkista using USDA.

Sold by the ounce/ $0.60/oz

Ice Cream

Ice Creams are made from the meat scraps and juices left over from other Barkista products, pureed with rolled oats or rice.   The only purpose of Ice Creams are to be yummy for dogs.  No representation is made as to nutritional content.

Sold by the standard 3.5 inch ice cream scoop at $0.50 per scoop.

Run A Munchies

Available in Peanut Butter and Chicken Liver, each flavor is hand made using only 3 recognizable ingredients which make it impossible to create shapes pleasing to the human.  Worry not, your dog will love the simple, 1/2 inch squares.

See Guaranteed Analyses below:

Chicken Liver and Peanut Butter GA

Run A Munchies are sold:

Peanut Butter, 12 oz, $9.50

Chicken Liver, 10 oz, $9.50

Currently Under Development

  • Chicken and Pork Muttloafs
  • Dehydrated trail food for hiking and camping dogs.